Why should I mint Shakti NFT?

Glad you asked.

  • Each Shakti NFT holder will be airdropped $SHAKTI coins during the course of the 6 months post-launch. These $SHAKTI coins would have in-app utility to participate in meditations and join retreats. We’ll partner with retreats globally for the users to pay via $SHAKTI coin as well. To know about the $SHAKTI coin, head to meditate to learn more.

  • Also, each Shakti NFT holder would get lifelong access to the monthly meditation classes (on the Full moon and New-moon), two days every month. There’s no end date to these meditation classes. These are truly lifelong as long as you hold the NFT.

  • Each public NFT minter will get a free paperback copy of the book “Rooted in consciousness” by Kajal Mishra, soon to be launched on Amazon. Each book is priced at 9.99 USD. Pre-order link to be announced soon.

  • 25% of the sale and post-sales royalty would be donated to the Nanhi Kali foundation in India. All NFT holders would be able to see the progress of the girls we’re sponsoring through ShaktiNova NFT sales.

  • We’ll create a ShaktiDao after the sale, which would receive the proceeds from the royalty sale. Dao would also launch a Shakti coin which we would use for governance and deciding the future of the ShaktiNova community.

  • Starting November 2022 every year we’d organize a Shakti Fest in Goa, India, or New York, USA. Every NFT holder would get discounted (or free if the community took steam and ShaktiDao had enough money to give free tickets).